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Ebba P. Karlsson

Ebba P. Karlsson was born in Sweden in 1969. She was just twenty years old when she travelled to France to spread her wings as a model. Tragically, she was raped by a modelling scout and assaulted by Elite Model’s then-owner, Gerald Marie. Her modelling career was short-lived because of these horrific incidents, but today she has turned her suffering into leadership as one of the co-founders of Victorious Angels.

As a young woman, Ebba had a natural inclination towards healing, wellness and spirituality. She began meditating at just fifteen years of age and developed an intense interest in seeking her spiritual path. During her life and travels, she’s met many healers, coaches, spiritual and holistic practitioners across the globe.

Since 1996 she has been running her own business’s involving health, meditation, holistic therapies, personal self-development, and leadership. She also holds certifications in different coaching and healing modalities such as an OSHO Risk Therapist Training, Personal Trainer certificate, Feng Shui practitioner, Common Medicine, Massage therapist, and Biofeedback Practitioner.

Besides working as a model, she has also worked as a makeup artist and nail technician. These jobs have taught her life lessons that shapes who she is today.

Ebba coaches women and men, empowering them to heal from their past, conquer obstacles, and step out of the shadows and into the light. She incorporates the wisdom that she gathered from over twenty years of experience.

A twenty-three-year marriage to the celebrated former number one European golfer, Robert Karlsson offered Ebba unique insight into the many facets of fame and celebrity. Living with a professional athlete allowed her to observe what it takes to be successful, and that being successful in your profession doesn’t necessarily lead to happiness. Besides speaking her mother language Swedish, she is fluent in English, Spanish and French.

Today Ebba lives in North Carolina, USA, and is the founder of the International True Star coaching business. She is also a certified Law of Attraction Coach, Creating Money Coach by the Quantum Success Coaching Academy and a member of ICF, The International Coach Federation. She is the author of the inspirational memoir True Starlight, From Hiding in the Shadows to Being Stellar. In her book, she shares her courage, strength, and spiritual journey through life.

Ebba’s love for dance was a gateway for profound healing and acceptance of herself as a woman. After discovering this passion, she began to compete professionally and became a US National Amateur Champion in 2016 and 2018. Competing in dance opened up a new understanding of coaching for her, which she now brings together in her numerous professional offerings as a healer.

Lisa Brinkworth

For survivors ready to share their stories in the press: Lisa Brinkworth has continued to investigate abuse in the modelling industry for twenty years since broadcasting a BBC film on the subject in 2000. In the past five years, she has interviewed survivors ready to speak out and exposed the scale of the abuse in articles published in The Times and Sunday Times. Lisa is committed to giving survivors and victims a voice. Even if you choose to speak to her anonymously, your story will be heard.


Anne-Claire Le Jeune

Graduated from the prestigious University of Paris II Pantheon-Assas with an extra degree in criminology, Anne-Claire Le Jeune has been a member of the Paris Bar for more than 10 years, specializing in criminal law.

She quickly became involved in the defence of victims, mainly minors, of violence, sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape.

After observing the functioning of the Alliance for Children’s Rights in LA, she was for 8 years a member of the Board of Directors and the Legal Committee of the Association Innocence in Danger in France.

She accompanies survivors at all stages of criminal and civil proceedings, and in a wide variety of fields (including sports, modelling, cinema…).

Anne-Claire Le Jeune has recently worked internationally in support of the survivors of Jean-Luc Brunel after the opening of an investigation in relation to the Jeffrey Epstein case, and of supporting the survivors of Gerald Marie in the so-called ELITE case. She succeeds in having a preliminary investigation opened by the Prosecutor.

She also frequently a keynote speaker in conferences about sexual violence and the victims voice in our society.

Anne-Claire Le Jeune is also a member of the Jury for the Paris Bar Examination.

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