Victorious Angels – WE RISE

Victorious Angels – WE RISE is a global collective of abuse survivors of Gerald Marie and Jean Luc Brunel whose mission is to support, encourage and protect all victims of model industry abuse. We aim to provide a safe environment for survivors to gather, share their stories and be heard as we actively seek justice. We continue to campaign for legal reform around the statute of limitations in France, a law that currently fails victims worldwide and favours the perpetrator. We lend our voices to all those seeking a safer industry for future generations, one that is free from sexual abuse and exploitation.



We heard the news today that the prosecutor had decided to close our case, thus denying justice to fifteen women, all victims of rapes and sexual assaults by Gerald Marie and some minors when the assaults took place.

Shortly before being given the news, our lawyer received a piece of video evidence that will strengthen our case in the civil courts, where we now intend to launch a lawsuit against Gerald Marie.

This is not the end for us. Lisa Brinkworth’s case remains open as our lawyers have submitted a new complaint to the investigative judge, and we hope that the judge will now consider that, in Lisa’s case, the statute of limitations must be interrupted. All the other women making allegations can then be heard as witnesses.

We will not give up our quest for justice. We thank our lawyer, Anne-Claire Le Jeune,  and Lisa’s lawyer, William Bourdon, for their commitment and hard work in helping us towards our goal of justice and making the world safer.

We will not give up until justice has been served.

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